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Monday, May 14
How feasible is electronic government?

President Mikheil Saakashvili recently stated that every citizen should have the opportunity to contact government ministers electronically, since they rarely have the chance to meet in person. He proposed a system in which Georgians can contact any minister though 3D video.

Rezonansi asked two public figures for their opinion.

Ia Antadze (Media expert): “Electronic government is not an invention of Mikheil Saakashvili. This is a very well-known act which is known in democratic countries. It is very well determined what is meant by the concept of electronic government. This means that on government websites relevant material should be regularly appearing. As more information is published on various executive websites, their work will be more transparent. Electronic government is a program that provides transparency of government activities.

Today, it is very difficult to get information from state institutions as well as comments from officials; it is very difficult to find timely public information, and receive the same format. This means that we are very far from the executive branch of transparent government.”

Gia Anchabadze (Historian): "If it will facilitate contact with high officials in an easier way and reduce bureaucratic barriers, it will be quite good. I cannot imagine how you can create an electronic government. We have a lot of innovation and, if it works, I welcome it."

Tbilisuri Ambebi publication costs 1M GEL

Rezonansi reports that Tbilisi City Hall is spending more than 1 million GEL on the publication of the Tbilisuri Ambebi (Tbilisi News) magazine, which will be delivered to every family in Tbilisi free of charge.

The high print quality magazine aims to inform residents about projects carried out by City Hall. The magazine is supported by ads placed by private sector organizations, which have not disclosed the price they pay for a one-page spread.

Rezonansi estimates that, according to comparable magazines, the price per page-sized ad is approximately 1.6 GEL. Adding in editorial and distribution fees, the price rises to 3 GEL.

The paper estimated that 32,000 families live in Tbilisi. Multiplying this number by the cost of the magazine, City Hall is spending approximately 996,000 GEL.