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How would you assess the work of rescue and emergency services in Georgia?

Monday, May 14
“I think a new building is not enough for doing one’s job properly. Georgian emergency brigades are too far from their European or American colleagues, who are always ready to solve the hardest problems with ease.”
Ia, Writer, 37

“They work really operationally. Once I was an eyewitness to how fire brigades handled a huge fire and since then they are my heroes.”
Lali, Reporter, 24

“If we take into account the recent flooding of Tbilisi, I can say that they really do their best to help damaged people. However I get the impression that in emergency situations there are not enough staff and some families or persons have to wait... So I think they should be better prepared and their staff numbers should be increased, especially during emergency situations.”
Dato, Student, 22

“They worked well and tried their best to help the people affected by the [Tbilisi flood] disaster.”
Sophio, Translator, 29

“I am afraid I cannot evaluate their job objectively, as I have never had any contact with them therefore I have no idea how they fulfill their duties.”
Irakli, Manager, 34

“I would say that they did a good job. Recently, I had to call them and they work quite [effectively]. In just 10 minutes the problem was resolved."
Levan, Entrepreneur, 26

“I cannot assess their activity, as I have never had the need.”
Nino, Teacher, 23

"Fortunately, I have never experienced their work myself. So I can't tell. In general, concerning the current flood as I got information, they handled what they could handle.”
Revaz, Student, 22