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How openly do you express your political views?

Wednesday, May 16
“Well, I rarely express my political views."
Nino, Student, 21

“In general, I am not very interested in politics, however, I express my views openly and freely.”
Mariam, Student, 17

“Internet blogs [make me] feel as free as I want.”
Rezo, Employed, 22

“Before I answer you, several minutes ago me and my relatives were [criticizing] the current government. A car stopped in front of us, we thought it was a taxi, however after some time it moved and we saw writing on it – Ministry of Justice. Let’s see, if after one or two days, they visit me. I will answer you then…”
Lali, Housewife, 35

“I’m not really interested in politics.”
Beka, Lawyer, 22

“I don’t often express my political views – actually, I used to, but now I’m not such a politically active person.”
Gizo, Interpreter, 31

“I do not openly express my political views, as it might have very negative consequences for me. Business in Georgia is in trouble, and if I start to openly speak out my political views, my business will be shut the next day.”
Zurab, Entrepreneur, 48

“It depends who you are… One can express his political views, and nothing will happen with him, as no one actually cares. But if one has something to lose, expressing his political views, I mean supporting opposition or criticizing the government, he will definitely lose it."
Nina, Philosopher, 40