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Do you think that information on public official's salaries and benefits should remain available to the public?

Thursday, May 17
“It's important to know how much they earn.”
Revaz, Manager, 22

"Yes, it is a fundamental principle of democracy that the public should know how their taxes are being spent, and can thus exert some influence on what is being done in their name."
Slava, Consultant, 49

“Yes, I think people have the right to get such information.”
Tamar, Translator, 23

“I am interested in public officials' salaries and in their income."
Bachana, Student , 22

“Yes, it should be available to the public only because the public should be aware how much and where government members spend their money.”
Lali, Journalist, 23

“I can’t see any particular necessity for keeping such details publicly available. Salary and income [are private] and thus can be closed to wider audiences.”
Dato, Geographer, 31

“Yes, indeed, people – tax payers - should know how their money is spent. I think it should be transparent.”
Marika, Sociologist, 35

“It definitely should remain public, as the bonuses they receive are even larger than their salaries, which is a good example of corruption.”
Gogi, Professor, 54