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Friday, May 18
Baramidze: EU recommendations reflected in government policy

Vice Prime Minister Giorgi Baramidze has commented on the recent EU report about the implementation of the European neighbourhood policy, saying the recommendations are reflected in the plans of the Georgian government.

Baramidze noted that there was nothing unexpected in the report. “These are all issues where we need to achieve more progress and more work,” he said.

He stated that more needs to be done in strengthening democratic institutions and work towards that goal is underway. “We know that a lot needs to be done regarding preparing for the elections and other fields, including peaceful regulation of the conflict with Russia. If everything was done, we would close the offices and say: everything is over and we must wait for the results,” he asserted.

Baramidze confirmed that the government is working on all issues raised in the report with its European partners.

The report on implementation of the European neighbourhood policy was published two days ago. In it, the EU criticizes Georgia for failing to secure impartial courts, property rights, media freedom, proper conduct of prisoners, and transparent political financing. (IPN)

Targamadze discusses election for Eklund report

Trustee of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation and former head of the European Commission delegation in Georgia, Per Eklund, and members of the Christian Democrats discussed election-related issues at a meeting held in Parliament yesterday. Eklund is working on a report about Georgia and is meeting with representatives of opposition parties, the government, and NGOs.

As Leader of the Christian Democratic Movement (CDM), Giorgi Targamadze, told journalists, Eklund is aware that the CDM has always been guided by principles of democracy, justice, and state stability. He said he gave Eklund detailed information about what is being done to create a competitive electoral environment for the upcoming elections.

“The unwavering long-term, democratic transformation of Georgia results in the stability of the state and European integration,”,Targamadze said, adding that the CDM and Eklund have a similar approach in this direction. (IPN)

Gelbakhiani offers government ways to recover frozen Soviet deposits

Non-governmental organization My Georgia has prepared a draft law, which offers means for redressing the frozen deposits of the Soviet era to clients of Soviet banks.

My Georgia representative Valeri Gelbakhiani spoke about his proposal at the Prime Time Press Club Thursday. Gelbakhiani asserts that the law allows not only the government, but opposition parties as well to take part in its implementation. He says parties could use this legislation to their advantage in funding their election campaigns.

"This problem should be solved once and forever. The draft bill is ready and who ever wants to can begin its implementation," Gelbakhiani said. (Rustavi 2)

Statement of the Public Defender on International Day against Homophobia

"In spite of the progress achieved in terms of human rights, homophobia remains one of the most important problems around the world, and, unfortunately, Georgia is no exception. Expressions of a negative attitude among the public towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people are frequent. Homophobic expressions or other kinds of actions often insult this group of people and contribute to the formation of stereotypes.

"Equality is a leading value of any democratic state, and it should constitute a fundamental principle of the activity of all institutions. The development of tolerant values is one of the most important preconditions for the formation of a democratic society, whereas homophobia causes disagreement and confrontation between social groups. Each of us should always keep in mind that it is necessary to respect and accept forms of self-expression and expressions of a person’s individuality.

"We should all together manage to create an environment free from any kind of hatred and in which everyone will be equal, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity." (

Twelve NGOs will attend Georgian Dream rally

Solidarity With Illegal Prisoners, Movement No, Movement Iverielebi, Movement for Fair Georgia, and For Our Rights are among the twelve NGOs that will attend Georgian Dream's May 27 rally.

“We want democratic institutions in the state, free media, courts, a strong civil society... That is why we appeal to all to participate in the rally". (IPN)