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What is your opinion of sexual minorities? Are you tolerant towards them or interested in their problems?

Friday, May 18
I personally have no problems [with them] because I think they should have the same rights as we do but Im categorically against their child adoption.
Lili, Mucisian, 35

For me it is not normal to have a non-traditional sexual orientation. I think it cant be useful for the world. But everyone has his or her choice and we shouldnt ignore such people. I cant say for sure it would be hard for me to support such a friend but it depends on the person.
Nikoloz, Writer, 28

I think they are people as well and they do have the same rights as we have. Somehow it irritates me when people try to look like sexual minorities because of fashion.
Nino, Project Coordinator, 26

I am not interested in their problems and neither do I read articles about them. Im quite tolerant towards them and believe that no one has a right to interfere in their lives. If they want to hold some kind of a rally let them do so everyone has their own private life.
Keti, PR Manager, 25

I think they are part of our society and we should be more tolerant towards them. Though, I doubt that the Georgian mentality will ever change.
Tamar, Interpreter, 23

The assistance of such people is one of the government's plans. I do not tolerate that category of people.
Bacho, Student, 22

I think that this category of people have some mental and psychological problems and need the assistance of their families and the church, if they decide. I do not tolerate them and their actions are not acceptable to me. I am glad that they do not feel free in the state.
Nana, Student, 21

I do not care for their sexual orientation. They are people first of all, and it's nobodys business who is sleeping with whom. I think their rights and freedoms should be respected.
Irakli, Architect, 32

I am very neutral towards sexual minorities. At least I do not have any negative approach. But I do not like when their rights are violated in any form.
Nona, Credit officer, 25