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Do you wait any serious changes between Georgian- NATO relations within the Chicago summit?

Monday, May 21
“I think there’s no sense in waiting for the slightest changes from this summit.”
Natali, Interpreter, 24

“As far as I’ve heard no enlargement of the alliance is planned this year but our President has managed to attract people’s attention with his creative speech and amazing story-telling. Ok that’s fine for self-promotion but what about NATO membership Mr President?”
Ilia, Lawyer, 34

“I do not wait any serious outcomes neither from this concrete summit, nor in the closet future perspective .”
Tatia, housewife, 24

“Well, I do not have serious hopes, however I hope that early or late the issue is settled.”
Davit, Student, 20

“I am not quite sure that it might bring any serious outcome.”
Nino, interpreter, 23

“Actually, I expect nothing but further promises, laud... and just ordinary cliched supports... “
Nugzar, taxi driver, 40

“I am expecting a pressure from NATO on Georgian leadership to hold fair elections. I think that is the only reasonable expectation from Chicago summit”.
Irina, editor, 30