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Tuesday, May 22
Swiss company, which will carry out monitoring at the Georgia-Russia border, not identified yet - Nikoloz Vashakidze

The Swiss company assigned to carry out the monitoring of cargo at the Georgia-Russia border, will be identified in 2-3 weeks, Deputy Foreign Minister Nikoloz Vashakidze said at today’s briefing.

According to him, the Swiss side continues the process of selecting a company. The Deputy Minister presumes the process will be over in 2-3 weeks.

‘The main thing for us is that the mandate of a monitoring company is clearly defined and is in compliance with the agreement signed with Russia on affiliation with the World Trade Organization’, Nikoloz Vashakidze said.

The Cherkess Days begin in Anaklia

The Cherkess Days were opened in Anaklia resort city today - a memorial of victims of Cherkess genocide by the Russian Empire was opened in the center of the city. The monument was sculpted by Kabardino-Balkaria and sculptor Husen Kochesokov. People attending the opening ceremony dropped roses in the sea from boats exactly at the point, where the Cherkess families were forced to immigrate during the genocide.

At the same time, Anaklia is hosting an exhibition, where the secret documents and letters describing the genocide are exhibited.

The Cherkess Days also include a scientific conference Results of Recognition of Cherkess Genocide.

The events will be closed with a gala-concert at the Ganmukhuri open theatre, where the representatives of the Cherkess Diaspora will be present.
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Nestan Kirtadze lays foundation of partnership between Georgian-Abkhazian and Ossetian House and OECD

Professor Nestan Kirtadze has laid the foundation for a partnership between the Georgian-Abkhazian and Ossetian House and the world's leading Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The head of the OECD global relations secretariat officially invited Nestan Kirtadze for permanent cooperation in the OECD global forum.

Experts discussed a packet of economic projects, presented by Nestan Kirtadze, at the meeting.

‘We should offer Abkhazians and Ossetians projects for economic and social development; we should promote small and middle business, free future, free trade. This will bring restoration of relations between the people’, Nestan Kirtadze said.

OECD was offered one more proposal: international economic organization experts to prepare economic development analysis for Georgia and prospect for free trade with Abkhazeti and Tskhinvali regions.

OECD Eurasian programs expert Marina Chernov will officially address the Georgian government in the near future about conducting a survey by OECD in Georgia.

10% of voter list checked

10% of the list of eligible voters has been already been checked by the Commission for Ensuring Voter List Accuracy - Chairperson of the Commission Mamuka Katsitadze announced at the briefing held at the Prime Time Press Club today.

The commission began to check voter data via a door-to-door campaign on April 24. According to the schedule of the commission, the final list of the voters must be published on August 1, 2012.

Mamuka Katsitadze explained to the media today that for maximum accuracy, the commission will be allowed to make final corrections to the list of the voters two weeks before the day of parliamentary elections.
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