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Tuesday, May 22
Member of Georgian Dream attacked

Rezinansi writes on the statement being spread by the Georgian Dream coalition concerning the beating fact of the Khobi region office Chair, Mamuka Kardava. According to the coalition, Kardava was mercilessly beaten by the attackers. Despite the fact that the police have information concerning the crime but does nothing and does not even interrogate Kardava as the victim. The Georgian Dream appealed to law enforcement bodies to adequately react on the issue and do their best to arrest the criminals.

We do not live only with dream released an interview with Majority Representative, Davit Darchiashvili on the actual current issue. In the interview Darchiashvili admits that the upcoming elections are very important for the state and its holding in a transparent and fair way is the government’s priority, he also states that Russia is starting its military trainings that coincide with Georgian elections and trying to demonstrate that the federation is not going to concede Georgian territories.”I do not think that Russia will invade again, however through its supporting forces it will do its best to create a mess in Georgia.”

The majority representatives also shifted their attention to the Lazika project and outlined that the construction of a new city is significant, as a great many Georgians are being employed in the towns.”

As for the National Movement’s perspective in the upcoming elections, Darchiashvili stated that he has a hope for victory, as "our team is united, we do not live only with a dream."