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Do you agree that Georgia's democratic path is linked with the current political team?

Tuesday, May 22
“The level of democracy depends on people not politicians so if people don’t want to achieve democracy we won’t have it- not with the current government nor with anyone else.”
Nikoloz, Geologist, 39

“I think it’s not 100% linked but somehow Saakashvili promoted the idea of democratic Georgia since Rose Revolution in 2003 and he is still continuing to prove that he and his team have changed the country.”
Salome, Reporter, 24

“I think we will have problems with democracy under any leadership, because I think Georgia is not quite ready to be fully democratic state with its mentality.”
Gizo, Translator, 34

“No indeed, the current political team is far from what is called democracy.” Freedom of speech, for instance, is not even close to what it was 8 years ago, elections are not free and fair and the police are still politicized.”
Dima, project coordinator, 38

“I think it is not reasonable to link democracy to any political force. I do not link the democratic path to the ruling regime.”
Nina, office manager, 25

“The current party has a democratic image, which is also revealed by the international community. In reality, it is the opposite to democracy.”
Irakli, MA student, 30

"Well when it comes to political parties, it is a little difficult to make the right assumptions. Personally I think it doesn't matter what party there long as the party representatives care about the country's well being and development, I think any party can move forward and help the country to progress in its development."
Lera, Student, 23

“Democracy is not developing under the current leadership of the state.”
Zaza, security specialist, 37