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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, May 23
Nino Burjanadze creates a new political force

Akhali Taoba reports that the leader of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia- former parliamentary speaker Nino Burjanadze will begin consultations with various political forces. Kakha Kukava, Nino Burjanadze and Temur Sashiashvili will take part in the parliamentary elections together. As Burjanadze said, each vote should be used.

"The only task will be not to lose any vote. There are voters who are in opposition, but for some reason or another do not like the opposition forces. It does not appear to create a united opposition front, but we should [aim for] their votes not to be lost.”

Burjanadze outlined that this will be a struggle only against the government, and not against the opposition. Recently, she named only Kakha Kukava’s Free Georgia party as the one with which she will collaborate. It is not known what other parties she is considering collaborating with.

Georgian teachers with the lowest salary in the region

Rezonansi revealed that Georgian teachers compared to others in the region, receive the lowest salary. It has been made public that the minister’s salary in Georgia is 1,053% more in comparison to the average salary of teachers.

The newspaper published salary figures of ministers in the south Caucasus region, compared them to one another and then to the teacher salary incomes. “The monthly salary of a minister in Georgia in 3,540 GEL, in Russia it is nearly 3,585 GEL, in Azerbaijan the salary is around 3,080 GEL, in Armenia 1,225 GEL. As for the teachers’ salaries, the average salary of a teacher in Georgia is 300 GEL per month, in Russia it is nearly 1,270 GEL, in Azerbaijan about 535 GEL and in Armenia, salaries for teachers are about 330 GEL.”