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Does the NATO integration issue determine your support of any political party?

Wednesday, May 23
"Not really, there are some more important matters. Matters of unemployment and healthcare are priority for me."
Nata, architect, 31

"I think all political parties in Georgia preach NATO orientation, thus I do not define my political taste in accordance to such issues like integration.
Rezo, MA student, 24

"Well it does not determine my support for any political party. Moreover, I think that participation in NATO has its pros and cons."
Nino, Housewife, 31

"It is important for me which political party supports participation in the organization, as Georgian security will be safer if we are members of the alliance."
Giorgi, Student , 21

"It is more important for me how the [new] political team comes to power, and how they will ensure the welfare of the people. Participation in different organizations is less important for me."
Natia, Dentists, 35

"No. I have my attitude towards the political parties and I have different criteria of making choice."
Nodar, Sportsman, 28

"It will be good if a party supports participation in NATO and the greater part of the Georgian [population] agree."
Davit, Teacher, 45