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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Monday, May 28
What does society think about the producers’ parade?

This parade, called Made in Georgia was held on behalf of Georgia’s Independence Day. The parade took place on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi, and Rezonansi asked several people in attendance to provide feedback on Georgia’s industry.

Nugzar Kvashali, singer: I welcome such action. I will name one example, I like beer very much and I used to drink foreign beer in previous times. However since I have become familiarized with Georgian beer, I now prefer it [to foreign beer]. Generally, I try to consume not only Georgian beer but also other food made in Georgia. I am glad that we produce so many foods that they are able to be exhibited to the public.

Giorgi Shengelaia, Director: There is no industry in Georgia and it is just [the ruling party’s] latest PR stunt. Where are our goods? Is there any industry in Georgia? I have a vineyard in Kakheti and I can say that nothing has been changed in industry for the better.

Manana Nachkebia: the situation in the Martvili District is astonishing

Rezonansi reports that New Rights member Manana Nachkebia had a meeting with the local residents of Martvili in the Samegrelo region. “The situation there is astonishing; the schools are being closed in the villages and children are forced to walk several kilometers to get to school. I would like to ask the Minister of Education and other high-ranking officials if they would be happy if their children had walk 10-12 km each day to attend their classes. It is necessary to open those schools and transport those children.”

Kukava demands translation of English subscriptions into Georgian

The leader of the Free Democrats, Kakha Kukava, said that in the capital there are a number of billboards where the advertisements are written in English language without Georgian translation, Rezonansi writes. “Saakashvilili’s regime allocates more financial resources to English language propaganda, than he does to the Georgian language,” Kukava said.

The Free Democrats consider that this represents a campaign that aims to make English the official language and limit the Georgian language in the country.