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Did you join the May 27th rally organized by Georgian Dream? Do you welcome protest rallies held by political forces?

Monday, May 28
“I feel bad and couldn’t join the rally, but I watched it online and felt really proud that the Georgian people are so reasonable in supporting one another. I wish we didn’t have something to oppose in the country, but I can’t agree with our government’s policy – I think the Georgian people deserve better politicians, so I fully welcome any legal step made against this ugly policy.”
Elene, Dentist, 28

“It was a very well organized emotional meeting. It was the first time I joined the demonstration. A huge number of people have gathered and what I liked most was that I got to listen to a speech by a smart, intelligent person (Ivanishvili) and not shouting or crying or promising. I think a new political era has begun in Georgia. I welcome protest rallies if it has a concrete aim and if it is organized by modest politicians and not street ones.”
Mariam, student, 23

“I was watching it on TV and I like the way people behaved during the rally. As far as I noticed there were about 100 000 people, but I am not sure. I always welcome peaceful rallies.”
Guram, lecturer, 51

“Actually I don’t like participating at protest rallies because I don’t want to be a partisan, but actually it’s normal to protest against the government, opponents, policies, especially when you really want to change the existing reality in the country.”
Niko, Musician, 34

“I didn't join but I welcome this kind of protest.”
Beka, Lawyer, 33

“I didn't join the rally, actually I didn't know about it, because I am not in Tbilisi now. When I am in Tbilisi, I usually go to the rallies to cover it but I don't support protest rallies.”
Nino, Journalist, 22

“I did not join the rally as I don't support the Georgian Dream.”
Christina, Teacher, 41

“No, I didn't join it but I welcome this concrete political force and namely its leader.”
Tamar, Translator, 23

“I could not participate in the demonstration, as I was in such a terrible traffic jam that I did not reach the destination.”
Marekhi, businesswoman, 29

“I attended the rally; I have never seen so many people together in Tbilisi. It was really amazing and we had one goal – a prosperous and democratic Georgia. I hope the elections in autumn will bring us success. I welcome all kinds of rallies as it shows that people are against something and the authorities should understand it adequately.”
Nika, student, 20

“Unfortunately, I could not participate. However I accept the process, as for the health of the political process, strengthening of opposition is important.”
Gera, Journalist, 37