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Georgia faces demographic problems

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 29
Many analysts currently speculate about the serious demographic problems Georgia is facing. The prognoses in 2006 stated that Georgia’s population would be more than 5 million by 2030. However, six-years later the figures seem to be unrealistic. Statistically, Georgian population increased by 13, 554 in 2008, 16, 754; in 2009 and 14,721 in 2010. As for 2011, the population increased by only 8,196. In 2005-2009 birth rates decreased in the country, in 2010 63, 585 babies were born, in 2011 58, 577 were born. The number of registered marriages also decreased. In 2010 there were 34, 675 marriages; and in 2011 there were 30, 863. The situation becomes worse if we remember that many Georgian citizens mostly of a young age leave the country in search of work. GDP per capita is till very low in the country.