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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, May 29
US Ambassador addresses problems in Georgian media

In his interview with Rezonansi, The U.S. Ambassador to Georgia John Bass addressed the problems and challenges that the Georgian media faces. The ambassador stresses that his opinions are based on his observation while being in Georgia for three-years.

Bass suggests problems within the media, are in addition to the polarized political situation Georgia.

The ambassador believes that it’s important that media outlets have equal access to public events and other events, in order to exclude cases of partisan selectivity.

John Bass also spoke about the imperfections within the penitentiary system, stating that despite recent progress, the court has a long road ahead. This will remain the case until the government embraces the philosophy that decisions made that might be uncomfortable for the government is a positive thing. The ambassador says that while conditions are better in the new prisons, there are still aspects that don’t meet international standards.

“I think that when the death rate increases, this must be a subject of concern for the officials. They should want to investigate why this happens and to be honest, this must not be the issue of responsibility of only the penitentiary department, this must interest MPs, why this field is going to this direction and I would like additional debates and a potential legislative reaction to follow the Public Defender’s report”, John Bass said.

John Bass also considers that must-carry should be applied, according to which all channels must be carried on a cable provider’s system, regardless if the channels share an individual political orientation or not.

David Darchiashvili: This May 26 was important for me

In his interview with Kviris Palitra, MP from the ruling party, David Darchiashvili, has assessed the events that took place on Independence Day on May 26. The major event and parade took place in Kutaisi where the new parliament building has been opened. However, its construction is not finished yet.

"This building, like our country, is still unfinished,” said President Mikhail Saakashvili during his speech in Kutaisi in the new parliament. After a one-hour session in Kutaisi, the military parade was held. David Darchiashvili says that the new parliament building has impressed him.

“The new parliament’s hall is a very convenient and I think that is very good visually and aesthetically. The state is being built with social, economic programs, the Constitution, laws and democratic institutions. This May 26 was important for me,” he added.