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It is four-months before parliamentary elections in Georgia. How fair is the election environment?

Tuesday, May 29
“Well, I cannot tell you definitely how fair the election environment is in the state. However, I can say that the opposition leader, Bidzina Ivanishvili is on the right path and I believe that there will be free elections in the state this year, without falsification”
Mariko, Student, 18

“Certainly not. The government uses administrative resources all the time and of course the opposition is in poor situation. The situation even becomes worse in this summer time. I think international community should regularly observe the situation and then publish reports about it. Maybe this will be one of the steps which will prevent government to allow opposition to hold fair elections campaigning.”
Nana, Housewife, 41

“Would expect better, hope falsification won't double cross my faith.”
Revaz, Bank employee, 22

“I think that the current election environment in the state is quite fair.”
Natia, Facilitator, 33

“The protest rally on Sunday has persuaded me that the election environment is better than in previous months or years. However I cannot say the same thing about the media coverage of pre election campaigning. Pro government TV channels are broadcasting very partially opposition’s activities, on the other hand so called pro opposition TVs like Maestro or Kavkasia try to cover events from both government and opposition sides.”
Giga, Manager, 35

“Elections environment is the hardest issue for our society – I mean it is really hard to define how mush administrative resources are used, who distributes it, what is the aim of the opponents – people easily get under the influence of the sides through social programs the government is so frequently providing, while the opposition lacks finances. So it’s impossible to estimate the election situation in our country with such a high level of mistrust among the people.”
Tornike, Economist, 24

“4 months are quite far yet but still we need the basis ground for ensuring fair election environment in the country. Balance in finances, media coverage, and equal access to regions is needed to be intensified for the both government and opposition.”
Nino, Dentist, 32

“It’s too early to talk about the fairness and transparency of the electoral environment – I hope Ivanishvili’s coalition will manage to succeed over the current dictatorial regime because we have all got too tired from wasted millions in infrastructural projects.”
Lali, Doctor, 48