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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, May 30
Gabunia calls on government to protect the homeless

Zaza Gabunia, a member of Tbilisi City Council for the Christian Democrats, has declared the problem of homelessness to be an "acute" one, and that the government needs to do more to facilitate proper living conditions.

He made this announcement while visiting vulnerable families in Ortachala, and met with local resident Lili Mariamuli, Rezonansi reports. Gabunia remarked that Mariamuli urgently needs the government’s assistance and support in order to continue living in "normal conditions".

Lazika to infringe on Kolkheti protected area

Construction of Lazika, the government-designed Black Sea port city, will sacrifice a part of the Kolkheti protected area, Rezonansi reports.

The government has already made the decision to abolish the status of protected area for the Anaklia-Churia district, which prompted criticism from environmentalist groups, who say that it contradicts international conventions and may destroy unique natural characteristics.

“Reducing the number of national parks must not be happen. When they change the status in order to make economic activity available in that territory... [it] is very dangerous because Kolkheti National Park is a nationally unique territory and it is known around the world, too. Anaklia-Churia is [also a] unique territory and this decision will appear to be in contradiction of international conventions,” Nino Chkhobadze, co-chair of Green Movement, remarked.