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What do you think about NAEC director Maia Miminoshvili’s dismissal?

Wednesday, May 30
“I think that her dismissal has political [motivations].”
Irakli, Editor, 27

“She just changed her political views; no matter the excuse, it is related to that. I don't think it's only her son who is a supporter [of Georgian Dream], but her as well. Anyway, this mustn't be the reason for someone's dismissal, especially when he/she is such professional person.”
Sophio, Journalist, 23

“I don't believe the Minister's official statement, according to which the reason for dismissal is differing opinions about reforms. To my mind it has a political root.”
Sopo, Language Specialist, 24

“I think this is clear evidence of what our goverment really is, what they do, and how they treat public opinion. Miminoshvili told the Minister about her opinion and she was immediately dismissed. Why are we surprised about the removal of teachers for political reasons? I think that was not honest.”
Nini, Manager, 24

“I think the reason for Miminoshvili’s dismissal was her son's presence at the Georgian Dream demonstration. As Miminoshvili said, she was against some steps in the exam process (as she said, there was an idea about getting people in high school without exams) which she was opposed to. I think the main reason was still her son, but as the Ministry says, it was incompatibility of positions between the Minister and Miminoshvili.”
Salome, Reporter, 22

“The reason is indeed clear. Everybody knows that any kind of different political activity or view of family members is unacceptable for the current regime. They see it as a betrayal and dismiss [the employee]. One of our directors was also dismissed due to close connections with the Free Democrats."
Irakli, Diplomat, 26

“I think Minister Shashkin disliked her personally, and the political orientation of her relatives, son and brother, were just the last drops of water.”
Inga, Philologist, 30

“I am kind-of neutral. I do not have an opinion on this issue.”
Albert, Blogger, 27

“It is really shameful to dismiss a good worker because of her son's political views, and yes, of course I think that that was the reason.”
Iako, Teacher, 36