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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Friday, June 1
Georgians looking for economic solutions from next election

Rezonansi spoke with a group of Georgians and asked them what their priorities are for the coming election.

Respondents listed lower prices, access to education, access to healthcare, and unemployment as their key election issues. The return of the breakaway territories was also considered important, but overall the economy was the top priority.

Ministerís salary is 10 times higher than the average teacher salary

Georgian teachers have the lowest salaries in the Caucasus.

In Georgia, the Minister of Educationís salary is 1053% higher than the average teacherís salary; in Azerbaijan, it is 475% higher, in Armenia, 271% higher, and in Russia the Ministerís salary is only 182% higher than that of his teachers.

Georgian teachers earn, on average, 300 GEL. Azeri teachers earn 535 GEL, Armenians 330 GEL, and Russian teachers 1270 GEL.

The Georgian Minister makes 3,540 GEL per month, compared to 3,080 GEL for the Azeri Minister, 1,225 GEL for the Armenian Minister, and 3,585 GEL for the Russian Minister.