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What do you think is the best achievement of the current administration?

Friday, June 1
“Well, they have made people poorer, made them [homeless] there is a very high emigration rate, people have to live in hardship. They have managed to frighten certain categories of people, they disturb the development of an independent civil society, and [put] people in an information vacuum... We have no progress regarding the foreign institutions [in which we want to achieve] membership.”
Giorgi, Student, 19

“I do not believe they have some serious success, or any law... they can be proud of.”
Tamuna, Interpreter, 24

“I think that the current leadership of Georgia has achieved much. They have managed to change the mentality of the public. If we compare the current situation to the previous period we will better see the difference. It has been too hard to do what Saakashvili did. Several years ago it was even really dangerous to go out alone into the street."
Koba, Lawyer, 45

“I think the Unified National Exams were the best achievement of the current government, which unfortunately [are up in the air] in the next few years.”
Giorgi, TV Operator, 27

“Police and education reforms have been acknowledged as the best even at the international level, and indeed the level of crime has decreased while the quality of education in Georgia has become quite high.”
Lela, Dentist, 39

“I think it is the reforms in education, the unified national examinations, police reforms, the fight against corruption, at least at mid- and lower-levels.”
Irakli, Marketing specialist, 30

“The current leadership did much in terms of infrastructure, institution-building, defeating corruption. However, much is to be done, they could do better.”
Nia, Office manager, 25

“The decrease in crime is the best achievement, and the fight against 'thefts in law' is by far the best achievement.”
Andro, Architect , 45