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Are children’s rights protected in Georgia?

Monday, June 4
“If we take into consideration how many homeless and poor children are in the country, we cannot say that children’s rights are accordingly protected."
Anna, Journalist, 35

“No... Children’s rights are protected at a low level."
Mariam, Student, 17

“My general assessment of the situation and children’s rights protection would be – more or less.”
Tamar, Interpreter, 24

“I think not. As for examples... When lots of children beg for help, when even a small assistance is essential to them, when they are prevented from having the simplest conditions for a normal life, when they are rejected from society."
Salome, Student, 15

“I think the media often violates children’s rights in Georgia by uncovering their faces, shooting them without their parents’ permission, which is quite sad.”
Marika, Teacher, 42

“Unfortunately, nobody’s rights are protected in our society especially for ethical reasons. No anonymity, no equality, no care… Even in ordinary families children’s perceptions and choices are ignored or neglected. When I have a baby I will bring him or her up as a strong personality with [his or her] own tastes and desires.”
Tamila, Musician, 19

“Depends, maybe they are protected, but children nonetheless face many problems, in family and education.”
Gogi, Journalist, 27