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Do you visit healthcare institutions for prevention and screening?

Tuesday, June 5
Yes, I do. I visit the hospital for screening as it is important for my health.
Natia, Student, 19

Never. I hate visiting the doctor even when I feel bad, as visiting the doctor spoils my mood. Thus, I prefer to be in a good mood every time.
Nino, Teacher, 24

I would visit the doctor for [preventative] medical treatment but it costs a serious amount of money. So, if I go there my daughters and husband should also visit the doctor, as I am not the only person in my family. Unfortunately, we do not have enough money to visit the doctor for preventive measures.
Natela, Housewife, 54

Im afraid of the free screening projects they find some cancer problems in every second visitor. I think its their strategy to give the impression that they are active and professional and preventive.
Nino, Housewife, 43

The only healthcare institution I visit is the dentist. I have weak teeth and sometimes I have problems several times a month. Im the kind of person who is scared of people in white suits. I respect them but am still scared.
Nikoloz, Actor, 28

No, I do not think it is necessary for me.
Irakli, Editor-in-Chief, 27

Well, like most people until something disturbs me I do not visit the doctor. I know this is not good because prevention is always necessary.
Giga, Bank employee, 32

Im a very busy person with 24/7 crazy days but I still always find time to visit my doctor for any slight headache. Screening is the precondition for preventing a person from any possible complications. So I advise everyone to use this opportunity for their own safety.
Nia, Teacher, 33