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Thursday, June 7
Business Ombudsman meets with diplomats

Georgian Business Ombudsman Giorgi Pertaia and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Jalaghania met with the economic attaches of the Diplomatic missions in Georgia yesterday, to introduce reforms carried out in the business sector.

Pertaia explained the functions and duties of the Business Ombudsman to diplomats and delivered a report of his work in 2011.

“They are well-informed about specific problems in the business sector,” he remarked about the foreign attaches. “In addition, we introduced the results of our work during the past year and we also spoke about the future - the system we are going to work with and how we are going to get information from the business sector”.

The Deputy Minister expressed hope after the meeting that the exchange of information between diplomats and the Office of the Business Ombudsman would be intensified in the future. (Rustavi 2)

Vice PM attends Eastern Partnership ministerial in Moldova

Vice-Prime Minister Giorgi Baramidze is attending the ministerial meeting of the EU Eastern Partnership Program, currently underway in Chisinau, Moldova. Participants of the meeting are discussing reforms carried out by the countries involved in the Program.

In his speech, Baramidze spoke about the role of the European Union in the peaceful regulation of the Georgia-Russia conflict.

He also held meetings with the Commissioner responsible for enlargement and European neighbourhood policy, Stefan Fule, and Senior Advisor on relations between the EU and countries on the Eastern borders, Helga Schmid. They discussed possible free trade negotiations between Georgia and the European Union. (Rustavi 2)

Kobalia attends regional meeting of World Economic Forum

Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development Vera Kobalia attended the regional meeting of the World Economic Forum in Istanbul, Turkey where Georgia was described, alongside Turkey, as a country carrying out a successful anti-crisis economic policy.

The Minister met with her Turkish counterpart and discussed the agenda of a business forum, due to be held on June 9 in the Turkish city of Kars. The forum will be attended by business leaders from Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

During her visit to Turkey, Kobalia also discussed co-operation issues at meetings with the Croatian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economics. (Rustavi 2)

Lives of Georgian citizens, injured in Turkey crash, not in danger

According to Georgia’s Consulate in Turkey, the lives of the Georgian nationals injured in a bus crash in Turkey are not in danger.

Three Georgian citizens were slightly injured in a bus crash Tuesday. Nine Georgians were on the bus in total. (IPN)

Trade union representatives meet with US Deputy Assistant Secretary

Representatives of trade unions met with US Deputy Assistant Secretary Eric Rubin yesterday.

The protection of labour rights was the main topic of discussion, with union representatives also noting the inconsistency of Georgian legislation vis-a-vis international standards.

Rubin said the US would carefully observe developments in this sector.

“Labour and trade union rights are very important issues. A free trade agreement between Georgia and the US is significantly dependent upon this issue,” a trade union spokesperson said. (IPN)

NIMD Executive Director paying official visit to Georgia

Hans Bruning, the Executive Director of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), is paying an official visit to Georgia.

During his visit, Bruning will hold meetings with leaders of NIMD-partner political parties, with the Central Election Commission, the diplomatic corps, and civil society representatives,

On June 7, he will also deliver a speech to students at the NIMD Democratic School in Telavi.

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy was founded by Dutch political parties in order to support the development of a democratic system in new democracies. NIMD currently works with 150 political parties in 21 countries of Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

NIMD programs in Georgia are aimed at institutional development of leading political parties and the support of democratic reforms. (IPN)