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What would you ask to Bidzina Ivanishvili?

Thursday, June 7
“At this stage I am interested in his political plans, what are they going to do during the campaign? What will he do if his citizenship is not restored by Saakashvili? Also, I am interested in his plans for the breakaway regions and conflicts in Georgia. Should we be afraid that Russia will occupy other regions of Georgia as well? Because since Gamsakhurdia we have been losing our territories.”
Marina, Teacher, 42

“I have heard recently that Ivanishvili said that higher education in Georgia will be free. I would like to know how he is going to do that. Who should finance universities if not students? Will the government finance all universities? This is very unrealistic and if it happens [the government] will have less money in the budget which will influence education quality at the universities. He may answer that they will finance them and education quality will improve, but how?”
Keti, Student, 23

“I would ask him how much he spends on social media and how did he manage to get 100 000 ‘likes’ in one day on his facebook page?”
Revaz, Manager, 22

"I am interested in what he plans to do if he is unable to take part in the elections. I am interested in who will be the number one on his list, if he is not able to be an active participant in the process."
Levan, Student, 20

"I am interested in whether our nationality - Georgian – will be written on our IDs if he comes to power. I am proud of being Georgian and I have the desire for our nationality to be indicated in that document."
Avtandil, Economist, 26

“I would ask him why he has gathered around so many old and unreliable political figures like Dzizdiguri, Davitashvili, etc.”
Lali, Reporter, 24

“I want to know which football team [he is rooting for] during Euro 2012.”
Gigi, Student, 18

“I would like to find out the list of his charitiable activities. I know some of them but I guess this number is bigger. Also, why does he not establish a fund which would help homeless people and children with serious diseases who have no money to continue their medical treatment abroad?”
Marika, Housewife, 53

“I would like to know, does he really believe that he and his team can come to power?”
Irakli, Sales manager, 30