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What do you think about the new national university exams?

Wednesday, June 13
“I think it is simpler than the previous ones. In general, there is one great problem in Georgia - when something launches successfully, step-by-step something goes wrong. I think that more students will find themselves in university thanks to the changes, many of them not worthy, I think. As for those who really study, there will be no problem for them to pass such kinds of exams.”
Mzia, Teacher, 50

“To tell you the truth, I have no information concerning what changes have been carried out with the exams, thus I cannot make any comment.”
Bachana, Student, 21

“I accept those changes and think that it was a positive step and will provide a better education system.”
Anna, Language Specialist, 24

“Actually, I welcome the reforms in the education system and I think the United National Exams were the biggest success in the sector recently; however I am a bit confused how schoolchildren can pass exams in different faculties - chemistry, biology, physics, etc. I have been thinking about that and I believe the UNE was a better idea than high school graduation exams in eight subjects. Although I think that both exams should not be held together as is being done this year.”
Maya, Philologist, 43

“I think the Unified National Exams have made significant steps in our education system but it’s really stressful for high school students to have similar exams twice. I can’t now say whether the school graduation exams or the university entrance exams are better but I think it doesn’t make a great financial difference for them – they would have to hire teachers anyway if they fail.”
Nia, Economist, 37

“I don’t like the fact that the former Police Academy head was appointed as the new NAEC director. I also wonder how the former Minister of Corrections can be so familiar with education issues, etc. The only thing I worry about is the knowledge of our future generations – I really feel they are experimental rabbits waiting for a new injection. I don’t know how but I want to have transparent, accessible, and quality education in Georgia. Why does nobody talk about the increasing university [tuition] from year to year? That’s not fair – youth should have access to higher education and money shouldn’t be their obstacle.”
Mamuka, Dentist, 48

“It's really good. It will make our schools better and school will gain more authority. It's very popular in developed countries.”
Zakaria, Sociologist, 24