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Georgian laboratory adopts modern DNA indexing system

Friday, June 15
On Thursday, the US Embassy and the Georgian National Forensic Bureau jointly announced Georgia’s adoption of the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), a modern DNA database system used primarily in law enforcement.

CODIS has been introduced in Georgia through the support of the US Department of State. It is widely used by law enforcement organizations in the United States, but only recently has it begun to be deployed internationally. Georgia is one of the first countries to begin using the latest CODIS system. A one-week training program for Georgian law enforcement began June 11.

Initially launched as a US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) database in 1994, CODIS is an electronic catalog of DNA data. It allows users to search DNA test results against an existing database and also supports information exchange among DNA laboratories worldwide. Upon completing the week-long training, laboratory staff will be certified in CODIS management. Georgia’s DNA laboratory will be the first to operate the system in the Caucasus.

The CODIS database will play a key role in helping Georgian law enforcement with accurate DNA identification of suspects and will also facilitate co-operation with international police forces. In addition to law enforcement benefits, CODIS can also be used for identification of missing persons from armed conflicts, natural disasters, and accidents.