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Ex-pat businessman seeks to re-invest in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, June 15
Mindia Gulua, a Georgian businessman active in Russia, has announced his intention to enter the Georgian market and possibly Georgian politics.

Gulua recently announced that he wants to buy a 25% share in Georgian Railways, and said he was prepared to pay $250 million USD in order to keep "strategic objects" in Georgian hands.

Gulua also expressed a readiness to purchase the Tbilisi water supply system, which is valued at $80 million. However, the businessman says he would pay upwards of $100 million and decrease the price of water to residents by 20%.

Gulua is also interested in investing in the food processing sector, citing a number of $200 million to revive the industry.

Currently, Gulua is the international issues advisor for the Renovated Georgia party.