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Tuesday, June 19
Heavy rains cause flood in Guria

Heavy precipitation has caused a flood in the Guria region of Georgia. It is still raining in Guria now. The rain has swollen rivers, which have flooded the yards of several citizens' houses. Heavy rains are also hindering rescue operations. Local authorities have already arrived in the disaster areas. Heavy rain has inflicted serious damage in the town of Lanchkhuti town. Heavy precipitation has caused a landslide there, damaging about 50 houses. Weather forecasters predict that the rains will continue in several regions of Georgia for the next few days. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the temperature will fall a few degrees. Maximum temperature in Tbilisi will be 25 C. The weather will be hot again next week.
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Irakli Sesiashvili ready for cooperation with investigation

Irakli Sesiashvili, a member of the ‘Kartuli Otsneba’ (Georgian Dream), is ready to cooperate with an investigation. However, Sesiashvili said he had not received any notification from law-enforcement yet. The Ministry of Internal Affairs says that Zaza Chelidze bribed policeman Lasha Kurtanidze and demanded to covertly record the meetings and attitudes of the policemen. Kurtanidze was given an envelope containing $3,000 inside by Irakli Sesiashvili in exchange for the video recording. Chelidze says in his testimony that he gave a video recorded by Kurtanidze to Sesiashvili. In this regard, Sesiashvili released a special statement yesterday. He said Chelidze gave testimony under pressure. "It is clear that their aim is to discredit the Georgian Dream. I am ready to answer all questions," Sesiashvili said.

Most successful students awarded

The chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, Davit Bakradze and the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkini, presented 150 10th graders at Tbilisi public schools with personal computers.

These schoolchildren have completed a basic level of education with honors in 2012. Around 1,022 successful schoolchildren across Georgia will be awarded with the computers this year.

This initiative is being implemented as a part of the president’s national program and aims at encouraging and supporting successful schoolchildren and increasing their access to modern technologies.

Similar projects will be continued in the future as well.
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Georgians arrested in Spain

Spain`s National Police have arrested 13 people– four women and nine men who are reportedly Georgian nationals. They have been arrested for their alleged membership in a gang of thieves. Those arrested were charged with several burglaries and other offenses.
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Health Minister visited My Family Clinic

Minister of Health and Social Care of Georgia, Zurab Tchiaberashvili, visited My Family Clinic in Tbilisi and talked with its personnel about the work of the medical center. At the meeting with the doctors, Zurab Tchiaberashvili spoke about the reforms the government plans to carry out in the health care sector, emphasizing the goal of the government to make the services offered at the clinics available for all citizens of Georgia. Minister spoke about the details of the insurance program, which he said was one of the priorities of the government.
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Public Service Hall to be constructed in Zugdidi

A public service hall will be constructed in the town of Zugdidi located in the Samegrelo region of Georgia. The Georgian president laid a special capsule into the foundation of the planned construction site today.

The construction project was designed by Spanish architects. The facility will have the capacity to serve about 800 people a day, and will be located encompass about 3,200 square meters of space. The facility will employ 100 people.

As reported, locals will be employed at the construction site of the new public service hall. The construction project will likely take a year to complete.
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