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Which political leader irritates you most and why?

Tuesday, June 19
“Nino Burjanadze irritates me most of all, because for me she proves that politics is a dirty business.”
Zakaria, Lawyer, 26

“I dislike all of them but for different reasons: some play ugly games, others are too naive, the rest have no idea about politics and don’t care about the people’s interest.”
Nikoloz, Scholar, 35

“Ivanishvili seems to naive for me because he is always calm even when being illegally “grabbed” by the government. It will be hard to compare them but I also dislike Shalva Natelashvili leader of Labor Party for his ignorance and rudeness towards everyone.”
Anna, Housewife, 37

"The most irritating political figure is President Saakashvili because he does not care [about] his country and he lies to us all the time. Neither me nor my friends or relatives believe in him and when I see how TVs are broadcasting his visits and speeches this irritates me a lot."
Zviad, student, 20

"I would say that the most irritating people in politics are Mikheil Machavariani, Nugzar Tsiklauri and Akaki Minashvili. I am sorry to say this but Georgia should not have MPs like this in the parliament."
Natia, Designer, 31

"Saakashvili irritates me most. There are many reasons why I cannot stand him and one of them is his promises which turned out to be just promises and nothing more. He criticizes bankers, businessmen, air company owners and does he really think that we believe in him? We know quite well that there is elite corruption inside the government and this criticism is just a show staged in front of the public. He knows very well that those new hospitals are useless for ordinary people because medical treatment is very expensive there. He knows quite well that pensions are lower than existing minimum wages in the country. Why does he behave as though everything is fine with us? He knows everything but he acts like he knows nothing. He should go."
Sophie, Manager, 41

“Mikheil Saakashvili and Giga Bokeria irritate me too much. Saakashvili makes foolish statements and he lookes like a clown.”
Eduard, Journalist, 40

“Gubaz Sanikidze, leader of the National Forum irritates me due to his nationalism.”
Irakli, Editor, 27

“Majority leader Pavle Kublashvili irritates me. I would not stay polite talking about him, thus I prefer just to name and refrain from naming concrete reasons.”
Lasha, Bank Employee, 21

“Pseudo opposition leaders like Chakhvadze and Targamadze really do irritate me with their pseudo opposition remarks. But everybody knows whose game they are playing.”
Lali, Marketing Manager, 37