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June 20 is World Refugee Day. What do you think is the situation in Georgia in this regard? Are the rights of IDPs defended here?

Thursday, June 21
"I do not have much information concerning the issue. I know that they have to live in special settlements after the war. There are those as well having no apartments. A greater part of them have to live in poverty due to many reasons. As for the concrete steps directed for their returning back to the initial locations I can say that nothing is being done and the situation is in a blind alley.
Nino, Teacher, 23

I am sure that their rights are not protected. They are facing too many problems and those problems are not solved in reality. Just some actions are carried out for display- as if something is being done for their benefit.
Anna, Journalist, 35

"Actually, I do not have enough information on their situation. It is not easy to feel ones rights are defended not only in Georgia but worldwide. However, the situation is not as hard here I hope."
Gaga, musician, 25

I do not think that their rights are protected. I can tell it is based on the talks of such people.
Giorgi, Student, 19

"Neither IDPs nor the rights of ordinary people are being defended in Georgia. I feel very unsafe. In addition, I know pretty well that if I have a problem and appeal to the court, it will never make fair decision. So, human rights protection level is very poor in our country."
Guram, driver, 42

"Not fully but I think their rights are more or less defended in Georgia. Well, problems exist but what is most important is that the state cares about their living conditions and they are not outdoors, they have shelters and monthly financial aid."
Tamar, manager, 37