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How would you assess the political situation in Georgia?

Friday, June 22
“When we are talking about the political situation, the first thing that comes to mind is freedom of assembly and expression. If these are limited in a country, then talking about democracy is exaggerated. In Georgia, unfortunately the situation is very bad and I condemn the number of human rights violations, and the dismissal of people from jobs for their different political opinions. The government does nothing to eliminate these problems. I do not understand why the international community is so quiet about this.”
Eliso, Public Relations Manager, 32

“The political situation is not so bad today but it may become strained this autumn right before the elections. Actually, we do not have such strong politicians and political parties to be able to say the competition between them is healthy. I am sure the National Movement will lead the country for the several next years.”
Shalva, Bank Employee, 26

“Well, it depends on which topic I highlight the attention. Nowadays, when elections are approaching the situation is very tense and this is not new. Accordingly, confrontation between opponents is increasing daily and it is often the case that they blame each other in different actions, although ordinary people never know the truth. In addition, it is too bad that no political talk show exists on Georgian TV which could give us the opportunity to listen to debates between opponents. I think Georgia has a very bad reputation in terms of freedom of speech, as none of the pro government TVs stations are allowed to invite opposition leaders to debate with government representatives.”
Giga, student, 21

“The political situation is really very hard. The National Movement guesses that their time is over and they are capable of committing any kind of abomination.”
Tato, Student, 22

“The political situation in Georgia is complicated, after the opposition spectrum has become active they have managed to influence people and the political reality has turned more complicated than it was before.”
Mani, Journalist, 27

“It is difficult to analyze the current Georgian political reality. On the one hand the current Georgian leadership is trying to influence in all directions. On the other hand, old opposition figures are trying to get chairs and money. However, after Bidzina Ivanishvili’s arrival to the political arena, people are full of hope and I suppose that he will come to power, unless something sudden happens.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

“I am very disappointed that the political processes are becoming more authoritarian than anyone could have ever imagined. Talking about democracy without protecting the freedom of speech and expression, political independence and editorial policy is just a part of our government’s attempt to keep its authority among the electorate. I feel pessimistic about the upcoming elections. I think the ruling party would falsify the results but still people know who is who in our politics and I’m sure one day we will become strong enough to withdraw Saakashvili with his entire team.”
Nino, Lawyer, 38

“Georgia is facing a very strong temptation either to make changes in its political life or remain the slave of dirty politics. I hear people scolding the current government every day, but they still fear that Bidzina Ivanishvili may have some negative intentions. I personally still doubt about our future but the day of elections will give us a better picture of what’s going on in our country.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 46

“The political situation has always been hard in our country but after the Georgian-Russian war in 2008, it has become vague. On the one hand, Georgia is being promoted on the international level, but on the internal stage, the political processes are entering a blind alley.”
Mikheil, Economist, 29