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Do you think the Global TV seizure is pressure on free media?

Monday, June 25
"I cannot see what the connection might be between a private company and the ruling administration in this field. When such a situation is ongoing from the governmentís side it directly means pressure on the private company and on the free media."
Bachana, employed, 22

"Of course it's political pressure. It is not the ruling administrationís job to determine who might have an antenna and who does not. I have Global TV and after Bidzina Ivanishvili stated on coming to politics all Georgian TV channels on the cable TV are blocked."
Tato, Probationer, 21

"I think Global TV was seized only because it is somehow associated with Bidzina Ivanishvili, and moreover it was broadcasting Ivanishvili-owned Ninth Channel. I donít think there can be any other questions around the issue Ė itís so evident that it was a double shot Ė a limitation of oppositional TV channel for imposing more fines on Ivanishvili. It was quite a clever step made by our government."
Nino, Dentist, 35

"I believe that the actions carried out recently concerning the cable company are related with the companyís connection with Ivanishviliís Channel 9."
Sophio, Translator, 24

"It might be an indirect pressure on free media."
Revaz, Manager, 22

"Itís obvious for me that the government tries hard to seem very fair and eradicate the "voter-bribing" but they forgot one thing: we, ordinary people, watch and observe everything and we can judge better! Why no one fines Rustavi 2 and Imedi owners for having so pure governmental policy? Does our president believe that we canít see how his media is doing their best to please him? Or why does Saakashvili want us to believe that Ivanishvili became a villain after he turned his back on Saakashvili? Wasnít he that bad when he supported Mishaís government? I think itís high time that the governments realize our power Ė people power is most decisive and let them stop biasing the media. We want only the truth and we will get it!"
Anzor, Lawyer, 47

"Indeed the authorities are trying to press free media. It is by far a politically motivated action. The free media talks about inconvenient for ruling party issues."
Nina, Office manager, 26

"Ruling party has its supporters mainly in rural areas, where people watch only pro-governmental channels. With the advent of satellites in regions, it means that people will watch 2-3 opposition channels. The government realizes how fatal it will be and is trying to take any kind of measures not to admit it.
Andrey, IT specialist, 32