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What is your opinion about the NDI and IRI international observers?

Friday, June 29
“I positively evaluate any international bodies which will monitor the elections in Georgia. Their reports are very interesting for our society and I always listen to them carefully while on TV what their opinion is on our elections. Georgia is a developing state and we are learning democracy now, so their experience will be useful for our politicians, NGOs and people as well.”
Rezi, student, 20

“Frankly I would rather trust the Central Election Commission rather than IRI and NDI observers, as they themselves undermined their reputation with their surrealistic research… I do not trust them.”
Lika, Architect 32

“I do not trust international observers whatsoever… I remember the elections of 2008 and I also remember the OSCE report, so I have no hope about their efficient activity.”
Tamar, journalist, 28

“I welcome international observers in Georgia to monitor the election process. This will help prevent unfair elections. Actually, I think this is the guarantor to hold fair elections and their final report will have much impact on the parliamentary election process in Georgia. It would have been better if they would monitor media activities in pre election process as well.”
Nikoloz, economist, 39

“I don't think the observation processes can solve any problem in our political reality. It's only up to political parties participating in elections to act in a legitimate way and prove the transparency of the election campaign while the voters would make the final verdict of elections.”
Zurab, Sociologist, 27

“I think organizations like NDI and IRI are like any other international organization– they simply observe the processes in Georgia without making the relevant judgments, which is nonsense for me as a Georgian citizen, because if international society won't "teach" our government and opposition the rules of fair game, then nothing will ever be changed in our country.”
Lali, Reporter, 22

"I do not believe in the polls made by them, I think that when those observers come into the state they are more focused on entertainment than holding some objective polls. It is my personal opinion."
Lasha, musician, 29

"In almost all the state where those organizations carry out the polls , the results are trusty and the fact is recognized by the international community . However, concerning Georgia situation is different and the results are always debatable , it is difficult to definitely say why it happens like this , however I consider that it is the merit of the current Georgian leadership ."
Giorgi , IT specialist , 27