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How would you assess the government’s cabinet reshuffle? What is your opinion of the new ministers?

Wednesday, July 4
“I think that Saakashvili is intending something. It is difficult to specify what, but I am sure nothing good for Georgian people.”
Tato, Student, 22

“I cannot comment on all the ministers who have been appointed. As for Merabishvili, I can say that his appointment as Prime Minister was a sensible step, as he was a good Interior Minister and I hope that he will also be a nice Prime minister.”
Keti, Language Specialist, 25

“I assess those changes as negative. The changes aim at threatening more people. Merabishvili was recognized as a good minister who promoted much for police system. However, Akhalaia is too disliked by people and there have been lots of complaints concerning him. Shashkin has undergone too many negative changes in the education system practically and has remade the ministry as a police structure. The current leadership is trying to form dictatorial regime inside the state.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

“I do not expect anything positive; as a person like Akhalaia should not be an MIA minister. Maybe Shashkin’s candidacy on the defence minister post is ok, but Akhalaia is unacceptable.
Lali, marketing manager, 27

“Everything will remain the way it is, not much changes, positive at least I can expect. With Akhalaia’s appointment politically motivated pre-election pressure from the police can increase.”
Giorgi, columnist, 24

“The same faces, the same program... How can I assess it? Not very promising...”
Nino, designer, 36

“I welcome the new ministers and wish them all the best in their career! I think names don’t change anything in any ministry because all the systems have been developed so well that it doesn’t make any sense who would rule over the state offices. The only change was Vano Meraboshvili’s promotion nothing else.”
Davit, International Relations Specialist, 26

“I remember one Georgian saying: sold a goat, bought a goat. I feel no changes in government; they all have the same old faces, with the same shared ideas and no chance for bright future, unfortunately.”
Lali, Interpreter, 23