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Where would you like to spend your summer holidays? On average how much do you spend during your summer holidays?

Thursday, July 5
“I usually go to the seaside, however prices are not reasonable in Georgia, so I prefer to go to Turkey which costs about 300-400 USD per week.”
Inga, student, 20

“Definitely the mountains, it’s cheaper, plus there are perfect views for photography,”
Gregory, designer, 34

“I will spend my holidays in Batumi. There are lots of events there including jazz festivals and other open air concerts. I usually spend about USD 500.
David, credit officer, 28

“I want to go to Svaneti very much this year, then to Kharagauli. In general I spend money while preparations. During the holiday I spend less money, I cannot name an exact amount.”
Mariam, Student, 17

“I have never been on the sea with my husband and child. Formerly I used to go alone with friends. Thus, I have no idea how much this year’s seaside holiday would cost for me.”
Mariam, employed, 25

Well I live in the USA, I usually spend my summer holidays in Georgia with my friends; but other than that I love the beach. I love Italy, I have plans to visit Italy, but this summer I am planning on going to Mexico.
Leka, Student, 24

“I'd like to spend my summer holidays in Turkey. However, I haven't relaxed in summer for 2 years, so I don't know how much I spend. Before that time, I used to go not on my finances so I don't know the amount.”
Nino , Teacher , 24