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Imports still dominate

By Messenger Staff
Monday, July 9
The Georgian statistical department states that in 2011, there was a $4 billion trade turnover negative balance in Georgia in 2011. Unfortunately this trend continues. From the period of January May this year, the negative trade balance has reached more than $2 billion, while export increased by 12% and imports to Georgia increased by 21%. Imports stand at $3.097 billion and exports $961 million, thus Georgia is becoming a consumer country. This is not the best option for a developing country. Unfortunately, Georgia produces a very limited number of export-compatible products, and this hardly satisfies the needs of the country . Georgia faces difficulty competing with several products in the world and so far, the government has not proposed or initiated an efficient strategy for developing the export industry in Georgia. As a result of this, there are far too few jobs created in the country.