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Monday, July 9
Ministry of Legal Assistance and Correction confirms death of prisoner

The Ministry of Legal Assistance and Correction has confirmed the death of a prisoner and has expressed deep sorrow over the fact. “The Ministry assumes it is reasonable to release the following information in order to avoid misleading society: convict M.B. died on July 5, at the Ministry of Legal Assistance and Correction. The presumable cause of death was insufficiency of the heart. Expertise was appointed immediately with regard to the above-mentioned fact. The Ministry calls on all interested parties to refrain from making preliminary evaluations of this unfortunate event,” a statement from the Ministry of Legal Assistance and Correction says.

Survey says Georgia is the least corruptive country in Europe

According to a survey conducted by Euro Barometer, Georgia is in the top of the list of European countries, where the index of corruption is the lowest. The results of the survey were presented to political organizations and NGOs at a meeting held in Hotel Radisson Blu Iveria. The head of the organization presented the survey results. According to the survey, 99% of respondents said they did not pay a bribe at official structures last year and this result is the best in Europe.

Amongst the NATO aspirant countries, Georgia has been qualified as the least corrupt country. The citizens of Georgia face corruption problems four-times less than in other countries of Europe in everyday life. 77% of the respondents questioned within the survey believe that the steps made by the government of Georgia for combating corruption in the country are very effective.
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Unexpected archaeological discovery found in Tbilisi

Archaeologists have discovered remains of an ancient settlement in Georgia`s capital of Tbilisi. The settlement and various items presumably date back to one thousand years B.C. Experts continue working on the spot. The settlement is reported to be about 3000 years old. Archaeologists say the plate-covered area in the settlement was destined for domestic animals, while the left side of the room was destined for human habitation.

The experts have found small pots, a nacre item, a bronze button, a jar throat, some items which were likely used for shaping stones and knives.

The settlement stretches over one kilometer in length. Representatives of the construction company were working at the site when they discovered a section of the wall, after which, archaeologists began excavation work to explore the settlement.

The excavations continue at the area and archaeologists expect to make more significant discoveries.
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New district to be constructed in Tbilisi

The implementation of another grand project has been launched in Tbilisi. A new district will be constructed in the vicinity of Vazisubani, the suburban district of Georgia`s capital Tbilisi.

Business centers, trade malls, dwelling areas and an Olympic Town are planned to be constructed before the 2015 Youth Olympics, which are to be held in Tbilisi.

An investment of several millions will be put into the project which is expected to employ several thousands of people. Georgia`s Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili and Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava attended the presentation of the project.
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Preparations for Georgian Patriarch`s anniversary start

Preparations for the anniversary of Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II have started. The organization group for the event planned for the 80th anniversary of the birth and the 35th anniversary of the enthronement of the Georgian patriarch held a meeting at the parliament yesterday.

Speaker of the parliament Davit Bakradze was elected chairman of the commission on the wishes of the patriarch.

Representatives of the Holy Synod and the government of Georgia also attended the meeting, where details of the event were discussed.
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President Saakashvili visits new born quadruples at clinic

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili visited newborn quadruplets at the New Life medical center today. The president congratulated the parents on the birth of the babies and brought them presents. 36 year-old Nona Varshanidze gave birth to two boys and two girls via Caesarian section. The mother and babies are feeling well.

The Bakuridze’s large family lives in the Black Sea town of Batumi. The quadruples have an elder sister, 12-year-old Nini.

At the same clinic, the president also visited Natela Dzirkvadze, who named her new born daughter after Georgia’s First Lady Sandra Roeloefs.

The woman could not get pregnant and underwent medical treatment within the reproduction program, which is being carried out under the patronage of Sandra Elisabeth Roeloefs.
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CEVLA presents results of its work to media

The Commission for Ensuring Voter List Accuracy reported the primary results of the door-to-door campaign of the voter data check to media. The chairperson of the commission, Mamuka Katsitadze, said the commission members checked the data of over 3 million voters and discovered about a million irregularities. Mamuka Katsitadze said many problems were still to be solved– mostly tied with the addresses of the voter registration. Currently, the commission is working to enter missing information in the electronic data base. The complete version of the list should be presented to the CEC in August 1.
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