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What do you think about the situation in the Georgian prisons? Are prisoners rights protected there?

Monday, July 9
“Unfortunately I can say nothing optimistic about the conditions of detainees in Georgian prisons. Lots of people have been detained for so tiny crimes that I am sorry for them to have to spend years in oppression. Even the hygienic norms are highly violated – I have an uncle detainee and I may seem subjective but believe me – detainees have no chance to recover!”
Tata, Law Student, 19

“I always read the reports of Ombudsman Giorgi Tugushi about the conditions of prisons and prisoners and I am very happy that he is such a thoughtful person who really cares about not only rights but the lives of each and every prisoner. I know the government makes some programs for detainees and their families to ease their communication but that is only eye-wash – in reality even food is expensive in prisons and a lot of youth die from hunger and cold not even to mention the infectious diseases.”
Maka, Dentist, 34

“I think the rights of prisoners can not be protected in Georgia – the country which has quite a strict crime policy. I have heard that in several countries in Europe and even in Norway, the court is very careful in sentencing the people not to harm them and their families but Georgian prisons are the worst place where one can spend even the couple of days of his or her life.”
Rezo, Driver, 41

“Of course I do not have detailed information on what is going on in prisons. However, I have heard from many people that the situation in Georgian prisons is hard, especially at night, if somebody is misbehaved he is beaten and when somebody from the prison administration is not in a good mood some innocent ones are also beaten.”
Lasha, Musician, 29

“In general, human rights are not being protected inside the country. Thus, I doubt prisoners rights are being protected accordingly.”
Natia, Student, 19

“I know that prisoners’ rights are seriously violated and the employees of the Ministry of Probation constantly deny such allegations.”
Kkatuna, Journalist, 26

“I became a victim of the prosecutor’s office and spent 8 months in prison. The conditions are unbearable. Prisoners are beat up for every reason– talking; walking with hands in pockets etc… prisoners are often tortured to swear so-called thieves in law.
Sasha, worker, 30