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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, July 10
No more sport hall under the name of Zurab Zviadauri

Rezonansi reports that the Zurab Zviadauri Sports Hall located in Akhmeta, Kakheti, has been renamed. It is speculated that the stadium’s name was stricken when Zviadauri ventured into politics and joined the Ivanishvili-led political coalition.

Zviadauri, an Olympic champion in Georgia, connects this new development to his recent political activities. “It used to be named after myself, but now the name of the facility has been changed to Parnaoz Chikviladze Hall. There were a number of photos of me on the walls which have since been removed. When I asked why, the staff told me that the changes were related to the current renovations underway at the sport hall. Later however, the director of the sports school told the local municipality staff that it was a shame that my pictures have been removed. I grew up there and my photos should have been there if not my name on the hall,” Zviadauri said.

Zviadauri also commented on his cousin Jarji Zviadauri, who is also an Olympic champion and reportedly he is the supporter of ruling party.

“Please, do not ask me anything about my cousin. Through your paper I want to say that he is not my cousin any more. He is dead for me,” Zurab Zviadauri said.

Is there any need to create another political union?

The Free Georgia, Traditionalists and Whites parties are going to present their majoritarian MPs together at the parliamentary elections. Rezonansi asked them for their opinions regarding the new opposition coalition.

Zaza Khutishvili, musician, TV Anchor: They will presumably present their election program and their plans; at this point it will become clear what aims the new coalition has. Still, I think that the two major actors in Georgian politics today are the National Movement and the Georgian Dream. I think the new coalition’s chances are very low and I do not think they will cross the election barrier. They have to present society an attractive action plan in order to interest people in them. I think the Georgian Dream has the biggest chance to win the elections, followed by the National Movement and then the Christian Democrats.

David Paichadze, journalist: The leaders of those three parties are well known to society. However, due to a low rating I do not think they will gather enough votes. If this coalition takes part in the elections, I think they have zero chance of even crossing the 5% barrier. I think there is no need to create such a coalition.