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Thursday, July 12
Temperature will be 37-38 Celsius in Georgia on 16-17 July

High temperatures are forecast for Tbilisi and throughout Georgia on the 16-17 July.

InterPressNews was told by Svetlana Nioradze from the monitoring and forecast centre rainy weather will continue in some Georgian regions until 15 July. Temperatures will be 32-34 Celsius throughout the country. Forecasters say that temperatures will increase on 16-17 July and reach about 37-38 C. (IPN)

18-year-old man dies after chlorine poisoning

18-year-old Lasha Narimanidze, who was intoxicated with chlorine a week ago, has died in Ingorokva Clinic in Tbilisi. The patient`s health condition was very critical when he was transported to the clinic and doctors were not able to save his life.

The patient suffered from chronic asthma and after poisoning, his health condition worsened even more.

Seventy-three people were affected by the poisonous chlorine leakage, which occurred in the Lilo district of Tbilisi on July 5, 2012. Chlorine leaked from one of the containers owned by a private business. The rescuers tried to move the damaged container to a more secure place, but the chlorine leaked in this process for a second time. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian president accepts OSCE Secretary General in Batumi

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili accepted OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zanier at the Public Service Hall in the Black Sea town of Batumi. The president and the secretary general discussed the deepening of bilateral relations between Georgia and the OSCE, regional security and the current situation in Georgia`s occupied territories.

Mr. Saakashvili and Mr. Zanier also stressed the necessity of engagement of monitoring missions in the upcoming parliamentary elections due in October 2012 in Georgia.

As reported, several hundreds of monitors will attend the October parliamentary elections in Georgia. Later, Lamberto Zanier was guided around the public service hall. The secretary general was familiarized with the specificity of the reforms carried out in Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian Tourism Companies not Informed about Epidemic in Antalya

Georgian tourism companies don’t have any information about the epidemic in the resort city of Turkey– Antalya. InterPressNews was told by representative of Argo-Tours, Manana Khatiashvili, that no one has informed the tourism agencies about it and they would have known if there was an epidemic outbreak in Antalya. “Such information was spread before, and the epidemic was not confirmed. There may be separate cases, but nobody said anything about an epidemic. The tourism department would inform us about it. This is presumably linked with damaging tourist business in Antalya. I don’t know if anybody is interested in this. The fact is that planes are filled with tourists in Georgia who fly to Turkey on holidays,” Manana Khatiashvili said. The Georgian consul in Turkey, Paata Sarishvili, says that no citizens of Georgia have officially addressed the consulate about health problems. “A hot line is available and any citizen can be given this number via messages. There are Georgian holiday makers in Antalya, though they have not asked for help with health issues,” the Georgian consul in Turkey said. The infected have a red rash on their skin and pustules in their mouth. The epidemic has spread into hotels. Turkish agencies say that the infection is especially dangerous for adolescents and people with weak immune systems. 17 Russian children have been hospitalized.

Cleansing and disinfection work is under way in five-star hotels in Antalya.

InterPressNews was told by the Senebelik hotel representatives in Antalya, that citizens of Georgia are not among the infected. (IPN)

Famous base jumper leaps off Georgia’s 4,300 m Ushba Peak

Well-known Russian BASE jumper Valery Rosov, twice world champion in parachute jumping, leaped off 4,300 m mountain in a wing suit in Georgia. He jumped off Ushba, which one of the notable peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

The expedition of the 47-year -old sportsman started on June 28, 2012. It took two days to the sportsmen to reach the peak. The expedition lasted for eight days.

Cameraman of Rustavi 2 Georgian TV-Station Nikoloz Lebanidze was accompanying the famous BASE jumper in the expedition. (Rustavi 2)

Two Georgian citizens detained in Italy`s Emilia Region

Two Georgian citizens - Tamaz Nemsadze and Guram Shatirishvili - were caught red-handed robbing a local farmer`s house in Emilia Region of Italy.

Italian media reports that the Georgian nationals resisted the police during the detention when several carabineers were injured, after Nemsadze fired a gun.

Furthermore, on July 10, the police found a corpse with injuries of a 78-year-old farmer in the suburbs of Mantinea. Law enforcement officials are investigating a possible link between the two criminal cases. (Rustavi 2)