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Thursday, July 12
GPB – Strangers on Behalf of Broadcaster

Alia writes that Khatuna Berdzenishvili, Head of the News Service of the First Channel of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB), says that some unspecified people are trying to obtain comments from people on behalf of GPB.

On Monday, GPB released a statement alleging that some unknown people are acting on behalf of the broadcaster. “The journalists missing GPB signage do not represent GPB journalists and the broadcaster shoulders no responsibility for the comments and interviews granted to them,” reads the statement.

Despite the question to name those persons publicly, Berdzenishvili refrained from revealing the details.

Businessmen: Wheat, flour prices increasing daily

The population expects the price of bread to increase, as the price of 1 bag of flour has recently increased by GEL 7. Currently, its price is currently between 37 and 39 GEL today. As the bakers report the price on bread is on critical edge and if the tendency continues they will be obliged to raise price on bread, Rezonansi writes.

Georgia is dependent on imported wheat for 90%. Accordingly as the harvest has been decreased in export countries it influenced on Georgian market immediately.

As Kakheti Information center informs one package of flour now costs GEL 39 in Kakheti, whereas before price increasing its price was GEL 33. As they report the price increase is expected in near future as well. The same situation is in Shida Kartli, flour price increased from GEL 31-32 to GEL 37-38.

As one of the bread factory director Malkhaz Dolidze says the price gradually increases and he does not exclude bread price increasing.

“So far bread price will remain the same amount of money but if price still continue increasing we will increase bread price as well. This is most unpleasant moment for us. I cannot predict now what will happen in near future but tendency is obvious.