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What do you think are the European values?

Thursday, July 12
“Easy travel around the union and the ability to live in European states in peace and prosperity. I would like to highlight that Georgia has no chance to become fully European state within at least 50 years. So, all those promises that we will join EU and Georgia does its best to reach Europe are in vain.”
Marika, teacher, 23

“European values to my mind include such democratic values as the protection of human rights, freedom of expression, ensuring minimal life conditions …”
Levan, Student, 21

“It means democracy, freedom of speech, religious attitudes, respect of ethnicities and any kinds of minorities. Those are the main points I can focus on now.”
Revaz, Manager, 36

“Public should feel high responsibility, media should be impartial. The court should also be free from government influence.”
Avtandil, Economist, 26

“Europe is an ancient land uniting different countries with different traditions so I think it is hard to select the main values of the whole Europe. But still for me the main European value is respect of traditions in family, religion, public life which Georgia also has but rarely considers as priority in the modern world.”
Anna, Housewife, 27

“For me main European values are democracy and protection of human rights which are not so common in Georgia and as a journalist I feel really sad about it.”
Tako, Journalist, 24

“Freedom of speech and expression, supremacy of law and protection of human rights are associated with European values for me.”
Irina, PR Manager, 31