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Let people see democracy in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 13
On July 10, the population got acquainted with the NDI polling results. Though some segments within the Georgian political spectrum are skeptical about NDI’s research, people still attempt to draw certain conclusions according to this new data. This research also provides a base that allows one to compare the results to similar research carried out by the other organization in February of this year. What is most significant is that there is a dramatic decrease in people who think that there is democracy in Georgia. In February, 49% of those polled answered that there is democracy in Georgia, 34% answered negatively to this question. In June 2012, 38% provided a positive answer to this question, whereas 43% provided a negative response.

Analysts have attempted to look deeper into why attitudes have changed so quickly in Georgia. Maybe this fact did not reflect in the answers to the polling questions, but the recent move by the government to seize satellite antennas may have something to do with these results. Is it wrong if a TV company distributes satellite antennas to the population on very favorable financial terms? There is no easy answer to this question. Why should it be connected with interests of any party? With this satellite antenna deal, it makes it possible for the population to receive all TV channels covering Georgia.

Some observers were interested as to why NDI did not have any questions about the activities of former Chamber of Control, now the State Audit Agency. Those asked have approximately the same attitudes towards the fact of Saakashvili becoming PM, 33% support, 36% are against and 27% have no opinion. According to some segments of the population, President Saakashvili’s moves to retain any kind of political position after resigning as president presumably is also considered to be a undemocratic step. Different polling will be carried out in Georgia and interesting tendencies could be noticed there.