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Do you think politically inexperienced people should be in the parliament or government institutions?

Friday, July 13
“Well, I think that coming new faces in politics even inexperienced ones are necessary. In case we will have the same figures and the situation will be unchanged. Thus, in my mind, to be politically inexperienced is not a tragedy. However, one must know his job.”
Levan, Student, 21

“I do not think that inexperienced people can do something positive for the country. In my opinion experience is very important in politics. On the other hand, it is really hard to find a politician in Georgia who is really worth to be in Government.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 26

“I think that inexperienced people in politics cannot be positively assessed.”
Irakli, Editor in Chief, 27

“I think experience comes with age. In modern society anyone can become a politician if he has skills for leadership and clever decision-making.”
Maka, Lawyer, 27

“Of course no inexperienced people should be holding the ruling positions in the country but this is not the case in Georgia as everyone can easily become a political figure if his or her party approves of such a decision.”
Keti, PR Specialist, 24

“Politics is not about experience, it’s about a will to serve people. MPs should accept laws in favor of people and not the ruling party.”
Nina, office manager, 25

“I think any kind of people should join politics… there is no such occupation like politician. Even in the ruling party, they are mostly from sport, medicine, business etc.
Guram, artist, 29