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Stone arguments in pre-election campaigning

By Messenger Staff
Monday, July 16
The Georgian population has become quite hesitant as a result of the bloody confrontation in the village of Karaleti on July 12. Georgian Dream activists and various leaders came there to hold a meeting with local IDPs. Those in attendance as well as many analysts were met by specially mobilized groups of people who had been prepared for the mission and aimed to disrupt the meeting. They attacked opposition representatives verbally, which soon transformed into a physical confrontation. The opposition is convinced that the attack was deliberately staged by the ruling national movement authorities. It once more confirmed that the ruling power is ready to use any possible means for retaining power. On the other hand, the Georgian Dream coalition leaders realize that they too should increase the pressure on the ruling power otherwise they could lose their chance. Many have condemned the confrontation and some suggest that a civil confrontation is quickly approaching.

Regrettably, 10 people were taken to the hospital and five were detained. Many within the opposition ranks, as well as many ordinary people, do not accept the ruling power’s explanation claiming that they had nothing to do with the incident. Some analysts suggest that this is a deliberate tactic on behalf of officials to present Ivanishvili as a part of Moscow project, and a PR campaign targeted against the powerful opposition movement.

The recent changes in the government and the appointment of a new minister of interior– notorious for his aggressiveness, is another argument used by some analysts to suggest such supposition. The opposition has demanded the the government provide documents and evidence that supporting their allegations that the Georgian Dream leaders are Russian agents. So far they have failed to do this.