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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Monday, July 16
19 year-old soldier dies in Gori military base

19 year old soldier Koba Makharashvili died in the Gori military district on Wednesday (July 11) evening. The soldier had a bullet lodged in his head. Neighbors of the soldier said, twenty minutes before the incident, Koba Makharashvili talked with his family members by a cell phone. Before the incident Makharashvili asked his family to move him to another military base, the reason for the request remains unclear. “Some say that he was killed, some argue that he committed suicide, no one knows exactly what happened,” relatives say.

A criminal proceeding has already been launched over the fact and the military police are investigating the case. The details related to the death of the soldier will be made public after the completion of the inquiry. The Defense Ministry will cover the funeral expenses and provide material assistance to the family of the killed Private.

Labour Party: after the elections Ivanishvili and Merabishvili will make a coalition government

The Labour Party claims that as soon as parliamentary elections are over, opposition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili and PM Vano Merabishvili will create a coalition government and emphasizes that the labour party will not allow such action to take place in the near future.

“Flirting between Merabisvili and Ivanishvili proves that there is a certain agreement between them. We are sure that they will create a coalition government which was confirmed by MP Goka Gabashvili recently,” Executive secretary of the party, Paata Jibladze says.