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Russia benefits from controversies between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, July 17
Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan continue their dispute over the Caspian Sea bed territories. Two of these territories have already been explored by Azerbaijan. These two oil wells are run by BP. The third disputed oil well is Kiapaz (Serdar). Currently, the situation has become quite tense after the Turkmen side declared that it was going to start exploration of Kiapaz (Serdar) well. The Azeri FM made a categorical statement as a result. Azeri patrol boat stopped Turkmen research vessels. The negotiations started and the sides decided not to apply in the international arbitrary court and to manage the problem independently. While the two countries are disputing with each other, Russia is taking advantage of this fact by increasing its exports of oil or gas to different destinations. In particular, Russia is enjoying the situation. It is unlikely that the project NABUCCO will be implemented at all, as major participants of the project suppliers of the natural gas were supposed to be Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.