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Tuesday, July 17
Two rope jumpers die in Tbilisi

Two young athletes were killed when jumping from a bridge with a rope in Tbilisi on Sunday evening. As reported, 23-year-old Mariam Kandashvili and 25-year-old Goga Goletiani jumped from the bridge together with one rope, when it tore and the two young people fell down from 100 meters into a ravine.

Mariam Kandashvili died immediately and Goga Goletiani died later, when medics transported him to the hospital.

Rescuers, patrol police and criminalists arrived at the bridge soon after the accident. An investigation is underway. According to preliminary reports, security measures were not observed.

The rope jumping event which ended in the tragedy was organized by Erekle Gujabidze, the son of a Georgian alpinist.
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Three people burnt with water of boiled fig leaves

Three teenagers have been hospitalized with chemical and thermal burns, reportedly, after they smeared themselves with water of boiled fig leaves for purpose of getting an efficient tan on their body. One of them is from Tbilisi- two others were transported from the town of Dusheti.

The health condition of the 21-year-old woman is severe as she has 45 percent of her body burnt.

The injuries to the two teenagers, 14 and 17 are minor. They have received second-degree burns.

Doctors call the people in the country to refrain from using the water of boiled fig leaves for purpose of getting tan.
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Cultural Heritage Protection Agency Monitoring Group to Visit Shatili

The cultural heritage protection national agency monitoring group visited Shatili to study the situation in the Shatili complex. InterPressNews was told by the agency, that they learned about stones falling in the Shatili complex from the media, though rehabilitation work is planned to begin in some days.The head of the press service of the agency, Natia Murachashvili, says that the documentation for the project is ready, funds for the rehabilitation are allotted, the tender declared and the winning bidder has been revealed. She states that all the problematic districts of the complex will be addressed this year. Information was spread that the wall of the Shatili complex has crashed down, though Dusheti governor Besik Shaghashvili told InterPressNews that the complex is not under threat and the load-bearing wall is not destroyed. He says that some stones fell from the front side of the tower. The governor says the reason of the falling stones is the age of the historical monument.

Body of 27-year-old actor undergoing examination

Results of the examiners of the body of 27-year-old actor and singer– Giorgi Potckhua will be made public in a few days. Meanwhile, the actor’s family members say the young man was murdered.

The family said the body of Giorgi Potchkhua had signs of violence. They presume the young man could have been robbed, as his wedding ring and some other belongings were missing when the body was found.

The family also said the murderer has been identified and the police are searching for him.

Giorgi Potchkhua worked as the Chief Director of the Shalva Dadiani Theatre in the town of Zugdidi in the Samegrelo Region. He also participated in the Geo-Bar live show at the Rustavi 2 TV-station.

The young man was also engaged in various events. He had a wife and son.
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Tbilisi-Kiev flight cancelled due to technical failure

The flight from Tbilisi to Kiev was cancelled due to the airline’s technical failure at Tbilisi International Airport yesterday morning.

Passengers have been waiting for the flight in the airport since morning. They have not received an answer as to when they will be able to depart for Kiev.

Members of the youth wrestling team of Georgia were also in the airport waiting for the flight. In case they were late, the athletes might be disqualified from the tournament.
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Youth organization members hold theatrical rally in Georgia’s occupied territory

Representatives of a Georgian youth organization held a theatrical rally in the vicinity of the checkpoint of the occupational forces in the village of Odzisi of Akhalgori district on the Russian-occupied territory of Georgia recently.

Members of the ‘Join In’ movement sent their messages written on sky-lanterns to the young people living in the Samachablo Region. The sky lanterns were released in the air towards the occupied territory.

The youth organization members also symbolically released white doves in the sky.
(Rustavi 2)