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NDI Survey: 36% of respondents support the National Movement, 18% Georgian Dream. Do you trust these results?

Tuesday, July 17
“Yes I think NDI is trustworthy because in the regions where people cannot watch Maestro TV and the Ninth Channel they receive information from the so-called national broadcasters like Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV which are so biased towards the government that they make people believe in the “beauty” of Georgian democracy and the “evil” of Georgian Dream.”
Irina, Journalist, 24

“Yes I trust NDI. I personally do not know anyone who supports the Georgian Dream if they are not hiding it from me.”
Meriko, PR Manager, 29

“I do not trust any such survey because I think it is silly to generalize thousands of people’s opinions to the whole population. I think elections can always show the results better.”
Dito, Musician, 21

“Yes, I believe in the outcomes. Because I think the National Movement will win these elections, and even with more percent than 36.”
Revaz, MA Student, 22

“I think this figures are close enough to reality. 36% of UNM supporters are all those working in governmental institutions. As for the Georgian Dream, I believe that people are scared to openly support it for various reasons.”
Nika, IT specialist, 29

“I do not trust NDI… they are all lobbying the ruling party... The figures representing the Georgian Dream’s support is absolutely inadequate– just 18% is really ridiculous against the background of the hundreds of thousands of people attending the rallies.”
Lamzira, accountant, 58